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DTC hearing aids

Best choice for pharmacy counter and hearing center traffic-driven  products

PSAP hearing devices

As seen on TV, Supermarket and direct-mail.

Qualified sound amplifier

High-quality selection for advanced sound amplifier

DTC hearing aid make life easy

Retone has high-level product expertise on DTC hearing products for years.

Over 80% products are Buy-and-go hearing products.
Over 45% customers come from the pharmacy, optical shop and emerging market.
Not the top OEM/ODM maker, but our superiority is flexibility.

A hearing solution packed with great feature


Agile, precise, professional APP design


Manufacturing & assembly


Detailed Design for Manufacturability


Industrial design & solid modeling & rapid prototyping services

Our background in fatigue assessment, 3rd party design review, and structural analysis gives us unique insight into the issues that need to be examined during detailed design.

We apply Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM) methodology and Just In Time method in everyday work to improve processes and control quality in a more efficient way.

Recent news of Retone

Retone product family

We Designed. We Assembled. We Tested. FDA \CE Registered.

Revolution! Rite for DTC market

The creative detachable receiver tube of Egoo makes the purchase and fit of RITE through over-the-counter become true. People can change the tubes and receivers separately with lower pay and less complexity. Nine (More types are on developing) pieces of tubes and receivers are packed along with Eggo. People can finish the assembled process basic on their ear shape and hearing loss.

*Patent Pending

The choice for enter-level market

Start with a market segment, or create one? Our Selected products are set for you. The elegant design, colorful shell and strong performance running with inside digital hybrid. 

Selected products have been recommended and accepted by many clients of Retone. Owners of the hearing centers, dealers who are expecting the fresh new brand of hearing aid, and so on.

Better performance, better feedback

For the funky ear, Advanced products offer stronger features on feedback cancellation and noise reduction. Programming tools could be offers as expected (for selected models only).

Do not forget the popular Bluetooth technology. For senior customers, wireless can encourage their interest in wearing hearing devices.

Affordable wireless solution

Our newest app and 2.4Ghz wireless technology let your customer control their hearing aids through their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and most Android devices.


Recharge, streaming, Bluetooth. Bravo!

MIRA allows users to employ the iOS & Android device to control the hearing aid’s volume and settings, taking pure tone hearing testing and recording audiograms. There is an easy-detach and 1-hour quick charge battery to ensure sustained use of the hearing aid. MIRA lasts for 14-hours on a single charge in hearing aid mode, and two hours in music streaming mode.

Invisible selection

Hot sale, 2000 units/month

If you are expecting an invisible solution for your customers. Clear 102 and Clear 102 could be a good choice. As traditional products of Retone,  Clear 102/102s are one of our best sellers, their sound performance and price have been proved by our clients and end-users.

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