ready to use right out of the box

Eggo is ready to use right out of the box.

The creative detachable receiver tube of Egoo makes the purchase and fit of RITE through over-the-counter become true. People can change the tubes and receivers separately with lower pay and less complexity. Nine (More types are on developing) pieces of tubes and receivers are packed along with Eggo. People can finish the assembled process basic on their ear shape and hearing loss.

The RITE style makes the Eggo subtle in appearance, but it remains powerful in delivering sound. The Easy-to-use rocker switch combines volume changing and program switch features for people’s easy access. Eggo is available in Open-fit style too.

Retone’s recommand

  • Slim design
  • Openfit & RITE
  • 13A battery
  • Grey & Beige color
  • iOS & Android APP (optional)


4ch 2ch
Premium Select
WDRC-Channels | Bands 4 | 12 2 | 10
Directional Processing /
MPO limiting
Noise Reduction Strength 4 2
Low level Expansion
LNR Layered Noise Reduction-Channel 10 /
Feedback Management AFC FN
Fully flexible programs 4 4
Low battery warming
Switch tone
RetoneTM app O /


Eggo 2XX

/ Digital Processing
/ 2 channels WDRC Amplifier
/ 10 bands frequency shaping
/ Low level Expansion
/ AGC-O Output Compression Limiting
/ 4 memories provide
/ Low battery warning
/ Low power consumption
/ Easy rechargeable & detachable battery

Eggo 4XX

/ Digital Processing
/ 4 channels WDRC amplifier
/ 12 bands frequency shaping
/ Widebands MPO
/ 10 bands LNR Layered Noise Reduction
/ Directional MIC
/ AFC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation
/ 4 memories provide:
/ Low battery warning
/ Low power consumption